CG Artwork

Skygreen, Taiwan

A sustainable development designed by renowned WOHA architects sitting in the heart of Taichung city.

An excerpt from the architects at WOHA:

“The design of this high-rise mixed development examines the relationship between internal architecture planning and the formal expression of the building as an urban object.

Green landscape is a key material palette in creating the building envelope for the residential towers as well as bringing nature closer to the highrise apartments. Tower A apartments have extended balconies with trees and Tower B apartments have a softer, green creeper mesh screen on its facade.

Skygardens at every 5 floors within the block dissolve boundaries between interior and exterior as the residents enjoy nature and fresh air in a highrise environment. Greenery is enjoyed by the tenants outside every apartment window.

A series of open yet sheltered sky gardens, terraces, balconies and planters create a breathable facade and visual interest, enhancing the real estate value of the apartments in a densely-built up area while providing spatial relief to apartment owners.

The main recreational amenities are sandwiched between the retail and residential components. The facilities are designed to be functional and comfortable, permitting natural light and ventilation instead of internalized air-conditioned spaces.

The Sky Green development gives new meaning to greenery in an urban living environment in the city of Taichung.”

Utilizing various techniques and software, Obilia was able to produce and create Skygreen in multiple full CG artworks according to the specifications given and envisioned by the architects at WOHA.